Keralash 5ml

2 in 1: The double power of keratin with one application

Double-pronged keratin infusion of lash-affine keratin building bricks. It works through 2 different keratin proteins: It works deep in the hair structure, nourishes and improves it and on the other hand it wraps the hair with a nourishing protective film. Higher concentrated formula with Biotin and Arginine. This luxurious two phase Keratin treatment helps to laminate and repair the natural lashes.


  • Helps to seal and mechanically strengthen the eyelashes
  • Infuse micro-keratin (protein) building bricks to fill up structural deficiencies
  • Like  „OLAPLEX“ for the natural eyelashes
  • Also known as LASH BOTOX
  • Highly recommended after Eyelash Lifting / Eyebrow Lifting and Tinting
  • MUST-HAVE product to re-beautify lashes post coloration/ post chemical treatment
  • Supports natural lash growth, density and durability

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