The history of COMBINAL started in 1947.
Challenges trigger innovation. This applied just as much to style and beauty in the post-war era as in other industries. Although burdened by the economic constraints of the late 1940’s, Austrian women still sought affordable treatments to look and feel better.
Fashion-wise a demand had arisen for a permanent dye to transform jacket collars, made of affordable greyish-brown rabbit fur, to make them resemble expensive dark furs. The chemists Dr. Pauli and Dr. Olbrich took the chance and the first COMBINAL formulation was born. Over the next decades the formulation was transformed and perfected by Dr. Temt to meet todays’ needs for high-end lash and brow tinting.

For over 20 years we are the industry leader in France with the focus on eyelash, eyebrow tint and eyelash lifting.

COMBINAL is produced in their own, local Austrian skin-care manufactory. The products are produced in small, custom-made batches, all “Handmade in Vienna”. COMBINAL is a trademark of Dr. Temt.

With over 70 years of experience in the professional salon industry, COMBINAL is recognized internationally for extensive industry knowledge. We are specialists in producing eye enhancing products which include Lash and Brow Tints as well as Eyelash Lifting and eyelash care – the perfect range of products for the professionals.
In addition COMBINAL has developed a range of stylish, must-have branded retail products that include EXPERT EYELASH BOOSTER, VELVET LASHES conditioner as well as a high-performance eye cream, EXPERT EYE TREATMENT with Micro Patch Technology for our customers to maintain their beauty. Our new addition to the eye expert family is KERALASH, a luxurious 2 phase keratin treatment for natural lashes. It nourishes, repairs and strengthens the natural lashes through a lamination procedure.