Velvet Lashes 7ml

  • Promotes the natural brow and lash growth
  • Great for the daily eye/ beauty regimen
  • Ideal post-treatment conditioner after lash and brow tinting
  • Natural nourishing and conditioning formula
  • Provides a luxurious treatment for eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Safe for people wearing contact lenses

100% natural nourishing oil blend based on castor oil, specially formulated without silicon oils. Traditional known benefits of castor oil, combined with the new developed high performance natural ingredient daikon seed extract , represents the most essential lash and brow care one the market.

This expert lash and brow care heralded a new era in Dr Temt Laboratories and is a prime example for the minimalistic fusion of modern cutting-edge ingredients with traditional established cosmetic raw materials. This premium eyelash and eyebrow conditioner helps to enhance the look of eyelashes and eyebrows and contains a regenerating formula for instant shine and definition. It strengthens and conditions the hair from root to tip. With regular application it helps to prevent breakage and to fortify frail and brittle lashes and brows – they appear thick, strong and soft.

Castor Seed Oil promotes hydration; seals in moisture and has nourishing properties. Enhance the health of the lash follicles and, in turn, promote lash growth (as well as protect against lash-loss).

Argan Oil (Moroccanoil) helps to regenerate, fortify and to protect the eyelashes and eyebrows from environmental damages. Promotes the growth of healthy, strong lashes as opposed to thin, brittle lashes and brows.

Natural Plant Complex contains botanical ingredients combined with the new developed high performance natural ingredient Daikon Seed Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil and Rosemary Leaf Extract. This complex is rich in vitamins and minerals with nourishing and antioxidant effects. It helps to improve the protein structure of eyelashes and eyebrows, promotes regeneration and strengths therefor gives more elasticity.  Eyelashes and eyebrows appear thicker and stronger.

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