Keralash 7ml

2 in 1: The double power of keratin with one application

Double-pronged keratin infusion of lash-affine keratin building bricks. It works through 2 different keratin proteins: It works deep in the hair structure, nourishes and improves it and on the other hand it wraps the hair with a nourishing protective film. Higher concentrated formula with Biotin and Arginine. This luxurious two phase Keratin treatment helps to laminate and repair the natural lashes.


  • Helps to seal and mechanically strengthen the eyelashes
  • Infuse micro-keratin (protein) building bricks to fill up structural deficiencies
  • Like „OLAPLEX“ for the natural eyelashes
  • Also known as LASH BOTOX
  • Highly recommended after Eyelash Lifting / Eyebrow Lifting and Tinting
  • MUST-HAVE product to re-beautify lashes post coloration/ post chemical treatment
  • Supports natural lash growth, density and durability


Gently apply once a day to the area of concern. This includes your eyebrows! Treat the serum like a mascara and brush it from base to tip onto your lashes and eyebrows. Allow to dry. Use once a day, with or without makeup and skincare. Be sure to use it first, and allow to dry before getting on with your daily routine. Avoid contact with eyes and rinse immediately if product comes in contact with eyes.

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